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“Arthur and his team took the time to profile for the right buyer that would close.  Our store had some challenges so managing the whole process was key to success.  I would highly recommend Arthur and the team at Dealer Solutions if you are thinking about selling your dealership.”

Randy Johnston

“Arthur and his team went out of their way to sell our store in the middle of the price of oil dropping and Alberta’s economy taking pause. They worried about all the details so I didn’t, most importantly they ensured we crossed the finish line and the deal was closed. If you are thinking of buying or selling, I highly recommend Dealer Solutions North America and their team of professionals there.”

Chris Semple, Past Dealer. Big Rock Dodge

“Hello Farid,

Just a note to tell you how pleased I was working with your team on my recent acquisition. Even though your company was on the other side of the table representing the sellers in this scenario, I quickly realized that your team’s professionalism and knowledge was going to make this time sensitive deal happen.

It’s always difficult to take a deal from beginning to closing in six weeks but Arthur Madjarian and his team worked diligently to this end. Please thank them for me. Best of luck in the future Farid!”

Roger Jugdeo

“During the autumn of 2015, we contacted Dealer Solutions and was guided to Arthur, we had a tall order. We needed to get our business evaluated within a very limited time frame. Their team provided us with a very efficient evaluation package completing step one. Arthur kindly made the trip to Kelowna to assist us personally with the selection process of buyers, however the last steps were left to us. Since we lacked this type of experience we found Arthur to be most helpful, always available for each step. In May 2016, we completed our sale. We would recommend Dealer Solutions to any purchaser or seller in any part of a dealership acquisition”.

Jack Kofoed

IMG_1393“Thank you Farid and Arthur for all your help in acquiring Erin Mills Mitsubishi. Because we are based in Alberta relying on your firm’s services was essential in making the right decision on where to start expanding in Ontario. Your transparency and efficiency with managing the transaction through to close was impeccable. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone looking to buy or sell a dealership and I know I will be using Dealer Solutions North America in the future.”

Les Landsperg

, Landsperg Auto Goup

“During the past several months we have been working with Farid Ahmad and Arthur Madjarian of Dealer Solutions Canada on the sale of our Acura dealership. They brought a high level of professionalism and effective services that were tailored to our specific needs. Their experience and understanding of the industry resulted in identifying potential new owners and the successful completion of our deal.”

Barry Shafran
Director, President & CEO
Chesswood Group Limited

“Arthur and Farid helped me sell my Ford store in 2016. I was located in a smaller community and knew it would be hard to sell and keep it confidential at the same time. They went out of the way to find a buyer from a different market that would get approved and close. The whole way thru the process they were professional and worked hard to make sure there were no bumps in the road. I would highly recommend Dealer Solutions to anyone thinking about buying or selling a dealership”.

Casey Bast
Past Dealer, Listowel City Ford

“I recently sold my family businesses which included six dealerships that I had owned for 20 years.  Dealer Solutions Canada helped me through the entire process.  Farid and Arthur were great.  They bought a number of uniquely qualified purchasers to the table, helped me with the negotiations, and ultimately secured a great price.  I highly recommend the Dealer Solutions team if you are considering selling your dealership(s).  You won’t regret it.”

Jimmy LaPointe

“I would like to acknowledge the team at Dealer Solutions Canada for their commitment and professionalism as experienced during our recent transaction in acquiring our most recent dealership. Our normal process was to handle any transaction ourselves from start to finish. This new experience allowed us to view the deal from a different perspective. Most importantly their experience having closed multiple deals gives them the ability to offer alternatives. They are not seen as the adversary whereas some sellers may misinterpret the purchaser’s intentions or they may simply see the purchaser as aggressive. Whatever the impression there now exits a buffer that can be critical in any negotiation process. They also have an opportunity in assisting the new operator with finding potential staff and helping those exiting the sold store as well. “

Mark Falkenberg
Dealer Principal
Willowdale Nissan and Infiniti

“Selling in today’s market place can be quite challenging, the requirements for imaging facilities, finding the right buyer with factory and financial approval is difficult. Dealer Solutions are fantastic to do business with, they know their stuff!

We had multiple solid offers in short order and found the perfect buyer.  They specialize in all aspects of the process including the detailed due diligence.  I highly recommend the Dealer Solutions Team…just considering your options?   Wondering what your business is  really worth today? What is the process?  What are the realistic time-lines?  Then it is time to give them a call…it just might be the best call of your life!”

Randy Knight
Clarington Hyundai

“My partner Mike and I have worked with Farid and Arthur on a number of deals and they are both fantastic guys that truly understand the car business and what it takes to put a deal together. Their skill sets complement each other really well and when we hit some rough spots in the process they were an integral part of the solution. I would definitely do another deal with Farid and Arthur and would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase or sell a dealership.”

Ryan Finch
President, Finch Auto Group

“I have had the pleasure of completing three acquisitions through Dealer Solutions over the past three years.  As the President f a growing dealer group time is of the essence. Farid and Arthur have always conducted themselves with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.  They work hard on resolving issue that can arise during a very complex and sensitive transaction.  I know I will be using their services again in the future.  Outstanding company”

Paul Cummings
President, Grand Touring Automobiles



John-Leeder-Testimonial“I am not accustom in writing testimonials but I felt compelled to write this one. I have been a new car dealer for over 20 years and in that time I have worked with a number of advisors. Working with the team at DSC has been a great experience. I have now purchased my third through them. In an industry where some people want to make a fast buck any way they can, it’s great to know that a professional organisation like DSC is in the Canadian market. Farid and Arthur are two people who are completely transparent in the way they operate. They work extremely hard and I have always found them to be ethical. I would have no hesitation in recommending DSC to any buyer looking for assistance in purchasing a dealership in Canada.”

John Leeder
President, Yorkdale Volkswagen/Acura Sherway

IMG_1060“Dealer solutions is one of the most trusted names in Buying and Selling Car Dealerships and associated companies. Their professional team consisting of Farid Ahmad , President and Arthur Madjarian , Dealer Specialist guide you though a professional way of acquiring a car dealership and Steve Maguire , their CFO helps you through the due diligence and financial analysis to make the right choice. As this was my first new car dealership the approval process was extremely difficult. Dealer Solutions worked with me to get me to the finish line, I would recommend them to anyone looking at a buy / sell transaction.”

Monty Jain
President, Richmond Hill Mitsubishi

Moe-Sadati-Testimonial-Image“I am very pleased to provide a reference for Dealer Solution Canada. I have worked with Dealer Solution Canada for past 3 months and they have made selling of my dealership transaction very smooth. I am very happy with Dealer Solution Canada throughout the entire process. I would like to personally thank Farid Ahmad – Steve Maguire and Arthur Madjarian for the professional approach in the sale of my business. Steve Maguire was there through the entire process and his professionalism and experience was very important throughout each level of the transaction. I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking dealership buy/sell needs. Thank You, Farid and your team for being dependable, straightforward and honest.”

Moe Sadati

“Daniel had approached me to sell his store and we could not come to a deal so before I knew it he had hired Dealer Solutions Canada to represent him. I met with Farid and Arthur and laid out my rational and reasoning surrounding what I was prepared to offer. They took the time to break down the business opportunity that Daniel had for sale. They showed me where my rational was not only incorrect, but where I had possibly been a little too harsh about the offer. I was surprised how long the approval process took, however the Dealer Solutions Canada assisted in getting the approval from Hyundai and helped to get the deal closed. Dealer Solutions Canada has a very professional acquisitions team. If you are thinking of selling I highly recommend you speak with them.”

Donald McClure
Dealer Principal, McClure Toyota

Exterior“I saw the Dealer Solutions Canada ad in Automotive News and I was very sceptical that they could help me sell because my store is located in a very rural French speaking town in New Brunswick. Instead of contacting Dealer Solutions I tried to sell it on my own. Very quickly I realized I needed a professional firm to assist me. Farid and Arthur took the time to visit, meet with me and and got to know my town and the dynamics of my market. It took longer that I had hoped however they ensured the deal got across the finish line and they dealt with all the concerns at the manufacturer. To ensure the approval happened. Should you be contemplating a sale, I would highly recommend you take the first step and meet the team at Dealer Solutions Canada.”

Daniel Lesvesque
Past Dealer Principal, Rendez Vous Hyundai

front“As a new comer to Toronto, I was unfamiliar with the market and dealership I was considering. Dealer Solutions Canada had a great wealth of resource and assistance in understanding West Toronto KIA. Additionally, I was provided local contacts to help me transition into the new store smoothly. Arthur Madjarian was always knowledgeable and available to my questions and requests. Without the service Dealer Solutions provided, my family would not be where we are today. Given the opportunity again, I would not hesitate to contacted them. Thank you Arthur and Farid!”

Lief Sorensen
Dealer Principal West Toronto KIA

“We had the pleasure of working with Farid and Arthur on the acquisition of a dealership group we recently completed. Farid and Arthur introduced us to the opportunity, facilitated a meeting of minds between us and the vendors, counselled us on overcoming issues that arose during the transaction, and generally provided whatever support was necessary to get to the finish line. We were very impressed with Farid and Arthur’s professionalism, their respect for the transaction process, industry knowledge, positive outlook and generally their overall conduct during the transaction. They skillfully navigated the parties through all obstacles that presented themselves through the transaction. Their work on this transaction genuinely earned our respect. We would highly recommend Farid and Arthur and their organization, Dealer Solutions Canada, to anyone looking for guidance or counsel on a dealership acquisition or sale.”

Steve Alizadeh
CEO Performance Auto Group (formerly AutoPlanet Automotive Group)

Tony-DelGobbo-Testimonial-Image“The both of you were instrumental in helping me acquire two stores over the past year and I wanted to say thank you. You profiled and located the ideal store in both cases, while the first transaction went smoothly the second did not which at no point was a result of your efforts. Once the dust settled you very quick to act and put that second deal back together which in looking back was a far better deal for me than the original transaction contemplated. Gentlemen you truly hustle and I really appreciate your tenacity for getting the job done. I would recommend Dealer Solutions Canada to any dealer that is looking to sell or buy a dealership.”

Tony DelGobbo

“I felt the need to take the time and thank you along with your team at Dealer Solutions for the service that was provided in the sale of West Toronto Kia. The knowledge that your team provided in the process from beginning to end made the difference between closing the deal and losing the deal. The sale of a dealership may become an emotional event for both buyer and seller, it’s important to have a team that understands and is able to control the situation between both parties, your common sense approach made the difference! I would recommend the professional services of Dealer Solutions to any Dealer who is thinking of making a change with their portfolio.”

Gabriel Da Silva

Donna-Lynn-and-Dave-McLaughlin-Testimonial-Image“When we first embarked on the path to sell our family business which we took over, we had concerns as to how the transaction would be handled and we wanted to ensure our family got a fair price for the thirty plus years of our investment. After meeting the team from Dealer Solutions Canada we felt more comfortable and confident that we would be able to sell our dealership at a fair price and with as little of hassle as possible. They handled everything from beginning to end. If we need assistance with anything they were there. Owning a family business in a small town had its challenges when it came to finding a qualified buyer and at times we were worried if we would ever sell our dealership. However, Farid and Arthur found us the perfect buyers who were familiar with our market. We would not hesitate in recommending Dealer Solutions Canada to any dealer who finds themselves as the same situation we were.”

Donna-Lynn and Dave McLaughlin

hodsoll-300x130“Arthur and Farid. I want to take this opportunity to thank you immensely for your guidance and direction handling the sale of my Dealership.You both, as well as the rest of your team, were professional and helpful throughout the whole process from evaluating our business to the final closing. You found me a buyer who I believe will carry on with the legacy I created and will treat my most important asset, our staff, with the dignity,respect and security which they deserve.It was almost stress free but you helped get me through the mandatory hiccups. I would highly recommend Dealer Solutions Canada to anyone contemplating the sale of their Dealership.”

Bill Hodsoll

Cambridge-Mitsubishi-300x168“I wanted to write to you in order to express my thanks and appreciation for the work that you and Farid did on behalf of myself and Cambridge Mitsubishi. I have bought and sold many stores in the last 20 years and I have to say it was a much easier and professional process. From the beginning to the end you looked after many details often following up with either side to ensure we got to a closed transaction as quickly as possible. Once again, thank you.”

Amin Shamji

final photo“Hi Farid, I would like to thank both you and Arthur for all your assistance in selling Casco Bay Ford a dealership I have owned and operated for 28 years. As you can imagine this was a difficult decision but from our first meeting I knew I had selected the right company to sell my dealership. Your process from beginning to end was outstanding. Your attention to detail and professionalism are the reasons this sale felt painless. Having you on my team helped me understand the offers that we received and it was amazing how you handled some very difficult decisions. I knew selling a Ford Dealership would not be hard but I am surprised as to the number of offers you brought to me to consider. I did belong to a dealer 20 group who I remain very close to, I can assure you that if any of my fellow dealers are thinking of selling their dealership I will highly recommend Dealer Solutions Canada.Once again, thank you.”

Art McLeod
Ex Dealer Principal of Casco Bay Ford

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.58.24 AM“Dear Arthur and Farid, Thank you very much for your help in selling Niagara Falls Nissan. Your experience and energy really made a difference in making the whole process smooth and quick. We hit a few hurdles but both of you calmly and professionally helped me resolve those issues. I was not sure in the beginning if I needed any help in selling my business but I am sure glad that I did. I wish all prosperity and growth to Dealer Solutions Canada. Please feel free in having anyone call me for a reference. Thank you again, and our paths cross again in the future.”

James Collins
President, Niagara Falls Nissan

20160415_105515“Arthur and Farid were a transparent, accountable and always ready to help solve any hurdles during my recent acquisition. This was my first acquisition as a private individual and I plan on using them in the future to acquire more stores as my business grows. If you are either looking to acquire or sell a dealership, there is no doubt in my mind that Dealer Solutions Canada is the team to do it efficiently and discreetly.”

Bob Clark
Grimsby Ford Sales

401-Dixie-Kia-300x225“My partner and I, Katie Naughton, recently purchased 401 Dixie through Dealer Solutions Canada who was the selling agent.I would like to strongly recommend Farid Ahmad of Dealer Solutions Canada for his level of knowledge, professionalism, dedication and honesty that we experienced throughout the entire process. I had used Farid for other services over the years and this was my first and hopefully not last time buying a dealership. It was a challenging process filled with lots of up’s and down’s but Farid remained positive and determined to get us the deal. Being in the automotive customer service business for over 25 years, Katie and I understand and expect a high level of service given the money involved in such a transaction. Without missing a step Farid provided it. Katie and I would like to thank Farid for everything he did and this will NOT bet the last dealership we buy through him and his company.”

Eric Levitt and Katie Naughton
Owners of 401 Dixie Kia.

Oakville-Dodge-Chrysler-300x225“Dear Farid and Arthur, I just want to take a moment to thank you for your professional assistance in helping me sell Oakville Dodge. From the valuing of my business right through to being at the lawyer’s office with me, you took the time and dedication to care of virtually everything. Realizing the emotions one going’s through when selling something as personal as a dealership; I really appreciated having you guys as my buffer and middlemen. I know you both will be extremely successful in this business.”

Jay Lockwood
President, J. Lockwood Chrysler Ltd.

Hallmark-Toyota“Farid and his team have their fingers on the pulse of business. Their assistance in buying dealerships has been invaluable, we will be using Dealer Solutions Canada with any future purchases.”

Michael Talmage
CFO of the Pfaff Automotive Partners

Autohaus-Orangeville-300x225“I have been a dealer for over 42 years and it was very hard to come to the decision to sell our family business. I thought this would be a challenging, difficult and stressful transaction given the years I have operated the business. My main goal was to keep this strictly and completely confidential once I made the decision to sell I wanted a fast, clean and discreet sale.Arthur and Farid were particularly supportive and understanding. They delivered what they promised in the beginning and I sold the dealership much faster than I had even hoped for. If anybody is considering selling their dealership they have to use the team at Dealer Solutions Canada. They are ‘car people’ and understand my business and worked hard to uncover hidden profit opportunities to help me yield a fair price.”

Robert Ankner, President

QEW-Mazda-Oakville-300x225“I thought about selling my dealership many times but had no right company to do the hard work for me. It wasn’t until Dealer Solutions Canada took the listing was I able to close a deal on it. They were very detailed on creating a package explaining my dealership. They vetted potential candidates so I only spoke to those who could not only have funding but could also get approved by the manufacturer. I highly recommend Dealer Solutions Canada to anyone who may be thinking about selling their dealership.”

Jason Guttmann
President, QEW Mazda

401-Dixie-Kia“I sold two dealerships with Farid and his team. During both transactions Dealer Solutions Canada were honest, represented what they could deliver and were always professional as well as courteous. I highly recommend them to anyone who is selling their store.”

Rick Paletta
President, Car Nation Canada

“It has been a pleasure working with Farid, both as the owner of auto careers group and also with the Dealer Solutions Canada. In 2012, the Budd’s Group of companies acquired a Kia dealership and a Mazda dealership in Oakville. We purchased both of them through Farid and his company Dealer Solutions Canada. He approaches business with passion, integrity and always, a smile, striving for “win-win” situations, with whatever innovative solutions are required. Farid is reliable and trustworthy. I look forward to working with Farid in the future, and value the relationship we have developed.”

Brent Bere
Chief Financial Officer at Budds’ Group of Companies

Front View North“When we decided to look at the possibility of selling our dealership, we initially talked to some prospects that the factory had introduced us to. Once we met Farid and Arthur of Dealer Solutions Canada we quickly realized that we could benefit from their experience, professionalism and industry contacts. They provided a structured approach that allowed us to consider more pre-qualified prospects that we were confident would, and did, complete a very business like, straight forward buy/sell. We highly recommend talking to Dealer Solutions Canada if you are considering selling your dealership.”

Mike Reinprecht and Sandra Kohl
Ex-owners St. Clair Nissan

“I have been a client of Farid’s for over ten years. Farid has been an amazing resource every time I have used his services. His knowledge of the industry, drive and enthusiasm is unmatched. 
He defines …”going the extra mile” for his clients.”

Alex Digenis
Owner, General Manager
Subaru of Niagara & Henley Honda

“I find Farid to be very knowledgeable and professional. He knows his industry and is the best at it. Need I say more!”

Khalil Khan

“I have known Farid and used his company’s services for a long time, always to my satisfaction during my tenure as dealer principal. When it came time to sell Toronto Chrysler, I wanted a seasoned veteran with a complete understanding of our industry; well familiar with the ins and outs of these types of transactions. Farid brought to the table integrity, transparency, and work ethic. He and Dealer Solutions made it easier for me to swallow the idea of selling a company that I personally ran for almost three decades. Farid and Arthur showed patience throughout the entire process, and I felt that I was dealing with true professionals who were working for me and my interests at all times. Their referral of David Bereskin was auspicious in that David handled the legal transaction seamlessly.”

Thanks to all of you at Dealer Solutions for a job well done!

Paul Stern

“Dealer Solution’s industry expertise and result oriented approach make them the leader in dealership sales and acquisitions.”

Bob Hall
Partner, Loopstra Nixon LLP

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